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Property ID: 1002
Vineyards & Orchards - For Sale
₺ 1.600.000
Detached Parcels 9.462m²
iztuzu road pomegranate gardens 9.462 m2 detached deed 7-8 km from the beach of iztuzu is is located 3 km from the centre of dalyan there are pomegranate trees grown in our fields the construction of our villas are also suitable land ( all permissions taken ) for more information and presentations, please contact us emrah beyazoglu - 0 532 608 34 85 tough beyazoglu - 0 532 237 10 62
Property ID: 1030
Field - For Sale
₺ 800.000
Detached Parcels 20.000m²
Olive farm for sale 20 acres in real estate beyazoglu there are various fruit trees, olive tree 800 pieces in 20 to 30 acres of farmland.electricity, roads, water, there is the problem ofit is suitable for investment.please contact us for detailed information and a presentationemrah beyazoglu: 0 532 608 34 85tough beyazoglu: 10 62 0 532 237
Property ID: 1027
Land - For Sale
₺ 1.000.000
Detached Parcels 500m²
Real estate beyazoglu gulpinar dalyan 500 m2 plot suitable for the construction of a villa of quality unsurpassed in the quarter, corner parcel there is an electrical problem plot our way to the water's %15/30 housing is imarlionly within walking distance of the centre (5) minutesconstruction is pretty good all aroundour land area as the location is unique and the most preferredthe loan is suitabl
Property ID: 1022
Land - For Sale

Plot For Sale In Okcular

₺ 350.000
Plaster 500m²
the most preferred area of archers yapilasman is good , electricity , roads , water , non problems 500 m2 plot for sale - way-sided please contact us for detailed information and a presentation emrah beyazoglu - 0 532 608 34 85 tough beyazoglu - 0 532 237 10 62
Property ID: 1004
Terrain - For Sale
₺ 850.000
Detached Parcels 3.053m²
our land , koycegiz is located in the village dogusbelen. the land which is 10 minutes away from the city center, near market, school, has a pharmacy. around the land is surrounded by a concrete wall 1.50 tall. also on the road a long façade. if desired, land 170 m2 villa can be made. also close by are average to the time zone of the future zoning of the 1 ( year), reconstruction after pars
Property ID: 1005
Land - For Sale
₺ 7.500.000
Detached Parcels 2.000m²
2.000 m2 land in the village of selimiye village by the sea detached deed , as seen in the pictures is the location of our land , roads,water,electricity problem, there is one storey in 80% of the construction has been completed of a home for investment that are suitable for our land for more detailed information, please contact us..
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Date Of Update: 06.12.2021
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